OpenRov #2497 arrives in the UK



My kit #2497 has arrived in the UK and I’ll get cracking with the build as time allows.

One quick Q - I’m still waiting for the acrylic solvent to arrive and wondered if I could crack on with plugging the beaglebome - control board - home plug adaptor - webcam - servo - lighting board together on the benchtop and get it talking to my laptop.

Would this present any problems ? I wouldn’t go as far a connecting the motors up yet but it would get me going over the weekend and with the electronics side of life that I’m far more confident with.




I didn’t start assembling any of the acrylic bits until I had the whole setup operational (including motors) on the bench and would tend to think this is a good approach, all other things aside it is way easier to debug any issues this way. The only issue you will need to be aware is when powering the ROV electronics from a power supply with the ESCs installed, I have not worked with the newer ESCs but with the older ones most bench top power supplies could not supply the surge current they required at startup and would wind up with brownouts on the controller board supplies leading to issues with the beaglebone starting up (no damage done though). I would get everything else together and working first, then install the ESCs/motors and see how you go (you could always power it from the batteries with some knocked up battery holders at this point).


How did customs go for your Richard? I was thinking of ordering one, but wasn’t sure how bad they would be.


  • Brian


Thanks Adam.
I hadn’t considered inrush current but have a very stiff bench power supply available. If the acrylic solvent doesn’t arrive today then I’ll start on the webcam and power line adaptor strip down - after I moved some of my sheep…


Morning Brian.
The box arrived 4 days after dispatch and 6 days after ordering and that’s it, the FedEx man didn’t ask for any money and I’ve not been advised of a bill by email - I’m currently holding my breath as I was expecting 20% vat at the least.
I’ve imported lots of kit from the USA and nothing has gone this smoothly or quickly.
The kit is very good with high quality components - I work in the aerospace sector and the openrov pcbs wouldn’t look out of place in my day job.
The solvent and epoxy have been easy to source in the UK, I’m only short of battery cells now and they are available from RS components and in stock.
I’ll endeavour to document the build as I progress.


That’s great news! Please do let me know how it goes - I will be right behind you I think with a build coming around Christmas.




Hi Richard.
I’m just about to order one. Can you tell me what camera you will use and whether there are any camera mounts in the standard kit.
I’m in the West of Scotland and planning to use it in some of the deep waters here.


Hi Andy.

The kit comes with the internal camera - a wide angle HD webcam which is internally mounted on a tilting mount. The lens pokes through the blue PCB which has the Illumination LEDs on it.

Have a good look at the 2.8 build instructions online to get a feel for the setup.




Thanks for the quick reply Richard. I can see that the main problem will be the excitement whilst waiting for FEDEX to deliver!
Just one more question. If it all goes pear shaped and you lose battery power etc. is the tether strong enough to lift the ROV slowly to the surface? I don’t really know my underwater science but I’m assuming buoyancy changes with depth?

BTW, where are you located? (sorry, that was 3 questions in all :-))


Oops, sorry! One more. Did you get the kit or the adventure set?


In haste.

Not certain - I’m still at the start of my build and am no expert in the underwater field.

Just the kit - I’ve sourced the battery cells, charger, solvent, epoxy etc. in the UK without difficulty.

Dorset / Wiltshire but do get up to the North West Highlands every year.




Mine’s on order now Richard! do you mind sharing where you sourced your additional material from in the UK? I’d like to get everything sorted for when mine arrives. I’m in the Glasgow/Stirling region, perhaps we should go do some ROVing the next time you’re up in the highlands!

Cheers and thanks,



These are current UK links to the three difficult parts:

Acrylic Solvent:

2 Ton Epoxy with mixing nozzle:

Li-Po Battery Cells:




Thank you for the complement on the kit. We hope that the build process goes smoothly as well. We can’t wait to hear all about the build and the adventures of the ROV.


Thanks Brian.

All going well so far - the Acrylic Solvent hasn’t been delivered yet so I’ve skipped up to Guide 3 and prepped as much of the electronics as possible.




Hi Brian,
I ordered mine this morning. I’m up near Oban. Looks like we’ve got the basis of a Scottish group!


Thanks Richard. I moved up here last year from Mere in Wiltshire!


Hi Adam.
I have a bench power supply that maxes out at just over 2A. Do you think this will cope?


Great Andrew,

I’ve been meaning to get up to Oban in both check out the Scottish Association for Marine Science (I did some undergrad work in oceanography) and to go kayaking at some point - we will definitely have to form a UK / Scottish group! Much of my supplies are are on order, with the first batch arriving tomorrow.

Richard: I ordered my solvent through Amazon and its arriving tomorrow, if you’re impatient. :smile:

– Brian


Acrylic solvent has arrived so a bit more progress.