OpenROV 2.8 with 360 camera OR Braiwave control



Hello, OpenROV community.
I have some questions I was hoping to find some answers to, as there are not many people knowing about the workings of OpenROVs.

Idea #1:
Install a 360-degree camera on the ROV, and connect it to a VR headset, but that is not all, I want to control it with the VR headset itself.
Is that something possible? if yes, how can I approach it? I have seen the post about the guy using FPV goggles to his 2.8, but it was not 360.

Idea #2:
Instead of VR and 360 cameras. I want to use NeuroSky brainwave scanner, it is Bluetooth. is there a way to control the robot from your brain waves?
It is a very interesting Idea that I want to explore.

Any input would be appreciated, Thanks.

Mirko Mohammed


i would like to ask if you tried this method ?