OpenROV 2.8 Video frozen in cockpit



Hi everyone!

I have an issue with my ROV 2.8 suite version 30.0.3:
After connecting the tether into the topside adapter and connecting the Ethernet cable and USB cable into a computer the ROV starts.

I open the cockpit in Chrome with, and the video shows the first frame but then it doesn’t load any more. I can control the ROV with the keyboard or a controller just fine, but the video won’t load. The CPU usage jumps between 60% and 100%.

The video loads a bit slowly if I go into “”, but then it’s just the video stream and I can’t control it.

¿Any idea on what could be wrong?
I’ll try to update to 31.0.0 RC4 and see if it fixes anything

I’ve downloaded and cloned the 31.0.0 RC4 image into a MicroSD card. At first I thought it’d replace the 30.0.3 version from the BBB, but it looks like you’ll need to keep the MicroSD in to boot into 31, and if you remove the memory card it’ll boot the older version. I’m fine with that.

So, in the new 31 version I get video, and it looks like it works fine, but suddenly it freezes too and refreshing Chrome makes the video go black.
I’ve gone into the settings pages and when I got back to the cockpit there was video, but not the best video quality:

Also, I got a notification message saying “The ROV embedded computer has been struggling to process messages.


Go into the video setting and try lowering the GOP to 1.