OpenRov 2.7+ PolyFuse


Greeting All,

I have bought an assembled version of OpenROV 2.7. ( I have 2.6 version as well). I found a new component along with the kit, PolyFuse. Where it is used ? shall I insert it somewhere before using ?

Since it was assembled, the motors and Motor Drivers are configured or I have to configure them? What about IMU ?

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The polyfuse is used as a circuit protection for the new recommended batteries. The 2.6 version of the ROV below serial number 1200 did not use these components because the recommended batteries at the time were TrustFire batteries. The older versions of the ROV are comparable with the new batteries but an adapter is needed (it is thicker than the 2.7 adapter). Be aware that the old TrustFire batteries and the new Li-FePO4 batteries charge at different voltage levels. This post explains the differences between the two different batteries.

The operations manual shows the placement of the polyfuse in the battery pack. It is at the front between the battery and the forward endcap.

Everything should be configured out of the box for a fully assembled unit. I would strongly urge you to read the operations manual as it walks through the setup and use of the version 2.7 OpenROV.

Please feel free to post any additional questions.