OpenROV 2.6 will not boot latest released firmware image


My ROV boots successfully from the image in eMMC. I'd like to be able to load new software, though, so I've been trying to load the latest released firmware image (OpenROV-2.5-29.img) following the directions here: Unfortunately, the BeagleBone Black will not boot from the SD card created through this process.

When I begin to bootup the BBB, the user LEDs cycle through as if the boot process is starting, but after about 60 seconds, the to middle LEDs (corresponding to bit 1 and 2) stay on and the others go dark. The board stays in this state forever and you cannot communicate with it through browser or SSH. In fact, you can see from the LEDs on the Ethernet port that nothing is happening.

I've re-downloaded the image, reformatted the SD card, connected directly to the BBB using a USB from my computer, etc. I'm pretty sure the image itself is not right. When I compare it against the image stored in eMMC, I can see that the "Drivers" directory is missing from the SD card image. A couple of other files are also not there (don't remember which ones right at the moment).

Is this 2.5 image supposed to work on a version 2.6 ROV with BBB version B? Can you tell me what I need to do to the image to make it work?


Hi Jeff:

You've got the right software- The 2.5 and 2.6 vehicles are identical from a software standpoint, so the 2.6 vehicle uses 2.5 software releases.

Unfortunately I can't tell you what's going on with your unit. Maybe Brian can chime in here.