OpenROV 2.6 safety strap upgrade


We bought an OpenROV 2.6 for our University shortly before the new 2.7 came out. From the beginning we always had two issues with the electronic housing and the battery tubes. First, that the silicon lube we used was a bit to slippery so that we needed to MacGyver around to make sure the electronic housing didn’t open itself. Second, that the sharp edges of the notches for the battery tube o-rings cutted two o-rings already.

Understandibly I was quite jealous about the nice black straps that were added to the new version. So I started to look for a similar solution for our 2.6 model. It was in fact very easy to accomplish, therefore I wanted to share it for others with similar issues.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. What we did is just, make three straps in the correct length, add the buckles and file 4 notches in the end caps of the electronic tube. The hard thing was actually to find these tiny buckles and I found only one online shop for Germany that had all what we needed.

The buckle for the electronic tube is on the bottom to keep it out of the way.

Two small notches per end cap ensure that the strap is not sliding off.

The strap additionally prevents the o-rings from sliding in between tube and cap.

Same here, buckles to the bottom. The battery straps are secured with zip ties to prevent sliding off.

For the batteries, the straps are nicely held by the original o-ring notches.

I think it looks happy!


Nicely done… :smile:


Also like your choice and placement of easily tailored washer sets for ballast and skids.


yeah, we had them on the rods first, which made the washers act like wheels when sitting on the ground. :wink:
But it’s just to much screwing for taking out one or two of them to restore buoyancy…