OpenROV 2.3 Overview


OpenROV 2.3

*OpenROV 2.3 is still under development so some data may change

Bill of Materials

Mechanical Drawings and CAD files

Build and Assembly Instruction Set


OpenROV 2.3 was designed to be low cost, easy to build, and capable of doing legitimate exploration missions.  The design incorporates aspects from both ROV-1 and OpenROV Beta, while keeping a minimalistic theme.

Some of the key features of OpenROV are:

  • A single container electrical system (which allows for easy integration of parts and minimal external wiring)
  • A payload area (which allows science and exploration modules to be easily added to an already functioning ROV)
  • Easily removable electronics tube (for quick fixes, and easy debugging)
  • On-board batteries (to counter balance mass of thrusters, provide ballast, and provide power to the ROV)
  • Removable inner structure (makes bench-top testing more easy)
  • All metric dimensions (I mean come on- let's speak the language of science!)
  • Small size (about the size of a breadbox)
  • Structure is almost entirely made from laser-cut acrylic (do one thing and do it well)
  • Inherently very close to neutrally buoyant (just add a few small weights)
  • Serialized (uniqueness is something they all have in common)




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