OpenROV 2.3 instructions needed - stumped where to pick up


Hi. My friend and I are back to my project to finish my 2.3 (hull 275) that we stopped a couple years ago. The old wiki seems to be gone so a bit stumped. All of the component hardware is assembled (with the exception of final assembly) but we need to get the software loaded on a new laptop and get it running again. We had also blown a beagle bone and have a bb black now. We would really appreciate suggestions on where to pick this up. Yes…I should have kept better records :frowning: . Thx!


Just added a link to the build videos in the about this forum post.


Thanks so much. Made a bunch of progress in starts and stops in the last couple months. Still stuck with the video freezing at times. One of your posts mentioned changing the resolution in the config file to SVGA or VGA. How exactly (sorry - and I am not a programmer) do I do that? Is there a link somewhere that describes this? Thx!


You may need to double click the animated gif and watch it in the popup window to keep it from cutting off early.