OpenROV #060 first... water!


Dear all,
I hope I'm posting in the right section...

I would like to share my happines: the ROV #060 saw the first water!
Well... in the bathroom... but it works! :) :)

I've still some minor issues to solve:

- internal component fittings, causing servo stopping;
- power management;

Also, for me in Italy was very difficult findingsome pieces or materials. I'll drop some solutions I found during my build as soon as possible. Hope this can help others, as well as receiving suggestions and advices from you.

For now, my ROV says "Hello (sub)World!", and that's fantastic!!

All the best,


Dear Tiziano,


Where are you based in Italie? I live in Marseille (France)...




Hi Benoit,

merci! :)

I'm very happy, and now I'm trying to solve the problems I found.

I live near Sanremo, not very far from you! :)

All the best,