OpenROV #017


We hadn't seen OpenROV #017 since our very first build day (over a year ago). Jaime has made a few upgrades, and brought it into the build day to show it off. Check out the decals on the battery packs!


Due to the inability of camera movement on #017 I decided to modify the 2.4 chassis

New tilt camera system on , with new modified plate to sink the BBW within the plate, also change the cam plate, add a small 9g servo and sink lights, add one plate similar to BBW to put on ESCs,

camera and light plate

complete chassis

paint job

complete #017

ESCs plate

work very good on my #017 also with new Openrov stable software, Thanks David and Erick !


Oh my gosh, Jimmy- this is GREAT! You and John Stager have got to be some of the greatest OpenROV hackers of all time!


WOW! This is awesome. Now I'm dying to see the gold chassis in the ROV. It's GOLD!


Thanks David ,Erick

I love Openrov .



Openrov #017