OpenCV on BBB at 30FPS


Interested if people saw this: For those that are thinking AUV, perhaps this does make some basic features possible directly on the beagle bone black.

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This looks promising, it looks like he has done all the work in figuring this out and has all the code and commands needed. Not knowing how this really works do you think that this will reduce the processor demands from the laptop to handle higher resolution, right now because on my slower processor I have to reduce my Video to SVG to reduce jitter. If you think it might I may play around with it. I am not a programmer by any means but don't mind poking around to try things.


Depends. For most people, this is actually a browser issue. There are massive performance improvements in the pending release. The current stable build is having to redraw the image 10 times a second on the screen and that ends up driving a full core of most modern processors to near 100%, which is why reducing resolution helps (less to draw). The new version is way more efficient.