OpenCTD Interview Recap


A few technical difficulties made it a late start, but the interview was great. Kersey Sturdivant and the OpenCTD team are doing some really cool things. There's a lot of overlap between our projects.

Make sure you go and support their project on Rockethub!

Also, here's a link to the sensor that Eric mentions in the video:

(There's a link to the data sheet as well.)


Awesome talk!

Around minute 24 there was a discussion about adding a sensor payload like the CTD that has it's own power and microcontroller and communicates wirelessly to the OpenROV. Is this feasible? Would 434MHz be too high ( Maybe another set of homeplug adapters would be more realistic?

Since I want to add depth, temperature, and dissolved oxygen sensors, and three water sampling bays to my OpenROV, I've been putting off cutting the acrylic because I wasn't sure if I'd need to modify the design. I want to be able to trigger the water samples from the cockpit based on the sensor readings (three samples because the lakes I'm studying have three distinct layers). Having a self contained expansion payload that can still communicate with the ROV seems like the modular way to go.

I was looking at the MS5535 sensor from meas-spec:


C Code

Bought this DO sensor from Atlas Scientific, but haven't tried it out yet (and just noticed it's only 100PSI):

Just found this link on DIY EC probe and temperature probe:


Completely bummed I missed the hang out! Great information, however. More to come...