Open Water Test - Sharing results



Hello :)

I am focusing on the dinamical model of the OpenROV so I need to get some information related to the propeller forces.

Did somebody perform an open water test? I would like to know thruster forces, thruster moments , propeller revolutions,... all in all, the results you obtained!

I do not have the time to perform one by myself because the deadline is approaching soon (next week) , so any help is welcomed.

Thank you very much :)



Hi Lidia:

I've been looking for the same data than you for a long time and have had no feedback.

There is a post in the forum, where the propulsive performance of the ROV is analized, but Thrust-Torque vs RPM is not included.

I tried to get in contact with Graupner in order to get some technical information, but I've had no answer.

Searching for similar props I found Prop-shop ( Asking them for some information, they answered me, confirming that they use model standard props belonging to Gawn, Wagenningen and KCA-ducted series.

From their information and by comparison, I've concluded that the Graupner 2308 family belongs to the standard Gawn-Burril propeller series, hence a theoretical-statistical study can be performed from the standarized polynomial expresions.

The standard polynomials have been obtained from real channel and sea trials, hence, are the most accurate way for performance calculations.

In order to be able for using the propulsive performance curves posted by OpenRov headquarters in the forum, for propeller data extrapolation, some motor data, that are missed, are a requirement.

Ro= Motor electrical resistance

Io = Idle current

Kind regards

PD: Dont hersitate asking for help.