Open-source-ish high quality camera from Olympus - possible future ROV camera?



Olympus is going to release (on March 6th?) a high quality MFT (micro 4/3" size sensor) camera that will have an open source API to control it, using and android/iphone over wifi. The nice thing is that this is a real camera; with manual controls, a large high-sensitivity sensor, and a large array of MFT lenses to choose from. Since there isn’t an LCD, its quite compact; essentially you’re getting the quality of a DSLR in the form factor of a small cup.

Idea1: Stick this in OpenROV, have a wifi bridge to be able to control it from ROV, or connect it up to the surface. Now we can take high quality stills/video from inside OpenROV?

Idea2: They mention live-streaming of video to Android, maybe there is some way to adapt their SDK into the Beaglebone and use it as the main camera? Will need to look at SDK when released

There needs to be more info to see if it is viable. It would be nice if it could stream video over some USB protocol but that isn’t stated in the specs…

Links to moar infos:
News release of Olympus AIR A01
Detailed website of platform, SDK, and 3D models(in japanese)

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