Open ROV X (aka The Swedish Otter)


Hi everyone!First I would like to thank Eric, David, Dominik, Walt, Brian and all the others who invest so much time in this really cool project!

Im a bit of a black Cheap (otter) i guess, that have not gone for the acrylic frame:) instead I made a aluminium frame, and use a Otterbox as electronic housing, and a smaller acrylic pipe for the Camera and the leds.

Decided to go with the buccaneer 400 connectors, filled with marine epoxy, ip rated for 2weeks at 10m not rated deeper, but the big brother connector was also tested at 100m for 10h so i took a leap of faith here. Have had some bad experience with epoxyseals, therefore the connectors, also offers more flexibility. Actually I think it is a question of when the epoxy cable seals start to leak, not if.

followed Walts homeplug teardown and managed to teardown a Swedish budget homeplug with integrated circuitboard, was a bit trial and error where to inject the dc, but at last I got it to work, seems to be bit diffrence in voltage though, this litle bastards wants more juice, 3.6v.

Built a dropdown circuit with the LM317 and some resistors, and converted a usb cable to use as power plug.

Bought a really cheap cable reel, and loaded it with my 100m of awg 20 cable, this also makes it possible to use the power outlets on the real to connect the homeplug. Think I will put everything on the real, together with a battery that can charge a mini wifi router and the H-plug. This eliminate the problems while spinning the reel, so no need of a slip ring!

Also remember that some one talked about the ROV was drifting, I guess Starboard and wanted to put a fin on it. I know from work since Im a Deck officer on the fireboat that ships with two props have the two props spinning in oposite directions just to eliminate the drift issue. So a solution would be to put one of the props with the blades switched and make it spin anti clockwise.


Btw, Hope you survived my bad English!



Cool! Excited to see videos of it in action!


Instead of getting a miniature wifi router to mount into the reel, why don't you just make a simple slip ring that only has two contacts and mount the homeplug on the outside?

Or are you referring to a wifi router so you wouldn't have to deal with any ethernet cable whatsoever?

Either way, you've got a really cool build, and I'm looking forward to your continual tests regarding the buccaneer connectors, since they look like a good contender for detachable tethers.


Halo, yes was thinking in a wireless router, nice to be able to skip all the ethernetcables( and all the others for that matter). But it is not really top priority now, the rov battery update is more important for me, tired of burning C batteries, and my green heart bleeds…


What kinds of batteries are you planning on using? The C-size 3.7v cells that I'm planning to use and the Mathieus are using?