Open ROV V2 . 5 Build Pictures


Shot of all the parts laid out.

Assembling the chassis

Work area with the motors

Working on the motors




Control board with speed controllers soldered on

Potted battery tube, used "Loctite" 2 part epoxy. Doesn't leak. Hopefully holds up under pressure.

Side shot of battery tube

Shortened the usb cable to the camera

Wire harness assembled.



Top side adapter

Sticking it all together. Almost ready!



This looks great! I can't wait to see the first photos of her in the water! Let us know if there is anything else you could use help with (I know there are still some bits missing from the build instructions).

Keep it up!



Just waiting on batteries to show up now.

Can I install previous software versions to run it on?



The older software should be able to bring up Cockpit with a video feed but control of the ROV won't work. We have some beta software that I could send you, but the more stable version (which also has a lot more capabilities) should be out very soon. We'll keep you posted.



Sweet, thanks!