Open ROV in Sydney


Hi to my Aussie friends!!!

In March I'll be down under, presenting to scuba divers at

One of my presentations is going to be on Citizen Science and of course include OpenROV and OpenExplorer.

I have a wicked idea that instead of me swooping in as fancy yapper, and then being gone, that it might be super cool to have a local OpenROV and pilot join me so that curious and interested individuals in the audience would have a go to person in their neck of the woods.

I checked out OpenExplorer and saw one OpenROV in or near Sydney and a couple of micro-expeditions planned.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in being a part of, please let me know!!

These are my two presentations/workshops:

Citizen Science and Sea Star Wasting Disease AKA the accidental ecologist.

This talk looks at using social media, mapping with geotagging and # search technology to assist scientists with understanding the spread of the disease and build a network of curious folks willing to help do surveys in many different ways - from beach walking to maker space ROV’s to scuba diving.

Making Stormwater Sexy.

How combining technical diving with underwater film & lighting to shoot stormwater video has enabled Laura to make an otherwise difficult topic palatable.

Shooting compelling video needs technical lighting skills as the particulates absorb light. For really good footage, Laura uses multiple off axis lighting sources thanks to a team of skilled 'lighting' divers.

Laura explains how these videos help explain why stormwater is important and makes people pay attention.



There are a couple of us in Sydney

Probably best to contact Dom

Dom's OpenROV profile

Dom's Openexplorer profile

Dom's Github profile

or myself offline

my email can be found here and my openexplorer project here



Awesomeness! (yes, i've been ROV-stalking at OpenExplorer) ;)