Open ROV in High Schools In Australia


Hi everyone. I am an Engineering teacher in a high school in Perth Western Australia and we are going to start creating an openROV next year with our year 11 students. I am interested if there are many other high schools in Australia building an open ROV? We are going to be working with one of the local companies who service and operate ROV’s for the oil and gas industry and other organizations like the customs department. The actually gave us the kit for the first OpenROV, 2.3 I think. We will be buying another later in the year as well as we will try and build two of them next year. I look forward to everyone’s support and input as we build the kits. Very excited and will keep you posted on our progress.



Our 8th grade engineering students are currently building 3 rovers. We will be making trips to the Chattahoochee River in Duluth, GA, USA. What type of data will you be collecting or have you already collected data? If so, is it possible to do a Skype session between our students to discuss findings, successes or failures?

Thank you,
Sheila Harmony