One of the Motors slow start



When I move forward or backward, one of the motors has a very short delay in starting.
Especially when I only push the button short, always the same one does´t start or just after half a second… or with hick-ups…

What can his be…? the Rov does´t move because of this not directly straight…
After this slow start everything is fine…but the gov first moves short off angle…

When I activate the motors in the setting ( slider) it starts smoothly…

Is this a software issue…?

Thank you,



Is it the starboard or port motor?


Hi Brian,

it´s the Starboard Motor.
Yesterday I tried my new Gamepad, ( which works beautifully) to see if the same behavior occurs.
It is still a short delay, not as bad as with my keyboard but it is kind of slower reaction to commands.

Is there a reason that the thrust settings are different forward / Backward or up/down)…?



@Roel_Haagmans the mismatch of thrust settings is so that the speed is roughly the same in each direction. This accounts for the non-symmetrical props as well as the hydrodynamics of the vehicle.