One motor chattering - after first leak test



I find that after my first leak test in a cooler, one of my motors is chattering. That is, it doesn’t really spin, it goes erratically in both directions. Reading another post it sounds like this might be a bad ESC, but the ESCs weren’t even in the water, just the motors. Is it worth it to switch the motor wires on the DB25, to see if the chattering switches motors? Or is there something else I should try first?
And, do ESCs just fail like that, after being fine for a month?
PS. I did re-flash my BBB by rebooting it with the SD card in and holding down the user boot button. It didn’t help.


It is possible it is just a bad connection on one of the motor leads. I would start by disconnecting the D25 connector and measure the resistance between each of the three leads, you should see the same resistance between any two wires (I think it is something like 400mOhms). If any combination is different from the others it is more than likely a bad connection.


Haha, well when I disconnected the db25 one of the wires from the starboard motor came loose completely! I soldered it back and now the motor runs. I have to reprogram it now, but clearly that was the issue. Thanks for your help.