One last video of Little Hawk Lake Daylight dive to 60'


This will be my last post on Little Hawk Lake. I have learned a lot from each dive I did. One thing I learned at the end of this dive was to turn down the lights and it gives a much better view of the bottom horizon during daylight diving. On this dive if you go to the end it shows my Tether spool reeling in the tether. This setup has worked flawlessly and made it so easy to manage the tether. I had did a post on this sometime ago if anyone is interested in building one. Lake diving is like walking around on the moon, not much to see, I know there are some fresh water places that have crystal clear waters and shipwrecks to look at so maybe some day I may get a chance to visit those locations. I wanted to go to the bottom of this lake which is 280', on the last day of my vacation but a storm rolled through and I never got that chance so maybe next year if I go back it will happen. Because I live on the Atlantic Coast, I hope to do some diving around Nova Scotia on some ship wrecks that I use to dive on and hope to get some more interesting video. I would love to see some video of other ROVers dives I think we can all learn a little watching them and by sharing information.

Happy Diving:

Ps: What sit on the bottom and shakes?

Answer: A nervous wreck!!


Hi David,

Great video.

The trench might be someone pulling logs out.

How did you record the view of the cockpit? I can't find anything on recording and saving the video.



Hi Frank

I ave tried a few and the one I took this video with was :

very simple to use.

I also tried CamStudio but I did not have the settings setup correctly to get a good video capture.


Hi David,

I downloaded Free-Screen-to-Video and it appears to work for me.

1 other question. Do you know how to erase still picture taken using the capture button in the cockpit or do they go away after so many have been taken first in first out?




Hi Frank

I asked the question some time ago but never got an answer and I have not looked any further into it. I suspect that there is a folder that we could go into using putty and just delete them. If I find out how to do it I will post it.


I'll try to find out also.