One laser is dim


I fired up my 2.8 for the first time and within a few minutes one of the lasers went dim. Not totally our but not enough light to be seen on the wall across the room. The other is very bright. Should I just replace the dim one?


I suggest that you double check your wiring connections and look for a voltage drop at the weak laser before you do a replacement.


Tanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that after I recharge the batteries.


Visual inspection shows the blue wire is braided and all but 2 of the strands are broken at the solder joint on the laser. The other laser, and the 3rd one I have as a spare, have solid wire, not braided.


Can you measure the voltage of the laser power supply at board level? Also, could you try to switch the cable pairs between the two lasers? This way, you can figure out if it’s a problem with the laser diode or the laser power supply channel.
Good luck with that, let’s hope this helps!


Mike, Sorry I hadn’t replied a 2nd time. I figured you found the problem with the broken braided wire causing the problem. 2 strands is probably not heavy enough to carry the load for that laser, hence the fade out.


I also have a dim laser problem, with one laser but not the other. I’ve measured the voltage across the laser power supply, and it’s the same on both sides. The joint to the dim laser looked OK, but I resoldered it, and still have the same problem. Is there a recommended source for new lasers? And is there any better way than glue to fix them so that it’s easier to remove if necessary?


Thanks for getting back! To be honest, I’ve been ignoring the problem. I’m not so sure the lasers will be helpful for my purposes, but if I find I need them I’ll replace the one that’s weak. I have an extra that came with the kit.
Thanks, again for your help!


I had the same concern about affixing them with superglue. A hot glue gun would be easier material to cut through to remove them. I haven’t tried that but thought it might be a better idea.