One Batterie



I have a question. I have also bought the 2.6 Openrov board. Have at home also found a LiPo 14.8V 5AH.

Can I use this battery and where I need to solder the plastic col?

Greetings from Germany Hardi


H Hardi

The only issue with 14.8V battery is that the ESC's operate at 12V max. I think someone has tried running them at 14.8 but I would not try it until someone who has done it confirms that they had no issues.


Thank you David!

One more question. If I have an Accu now the 12V has. Can I use or do I need two times the 6V from the batteries? Where I'd have my + and where my - Connect?


Hi Hardi

You just need +12V you do not need the 2 6V Sources, So if you just have one +12V source then connect it to both set's of Pins on the DB25 Connector.

There are 4 pins on the connector Pins 4 & 7 are used for Neg. and pins 5 & 6 for Positive.

+ 12V ---------------- Pin 5 & Pin 6 on DB25 Connector

Neg ------------------ Pin 4 & Pin 7 on DB25 Connector


Thank you ...

If I only have a 12V battery, if I close then to the two pins? Can I choose what to me? But I'm suffering of the many demand my board does not go ...


You need to use LiPo Batteries or batteries that can source enough current to run the rov. If you have only 1 battery then connect the positive to Pins 5&6 connect the negative to Pins 4&7 also if you do not have the tether connected with +5v to turn the ROV on then you need to install jumpers to turn it on manually J12 & J17

you can test your BBB by itself by just powering it up with a USB power adapter to make sure it works. If that works then plug it into the controller then install jumpers in J12 this should power up the control board and BB if you have your 12V battery connected. If that works then you can install J17 to power up the ESC's. If things do not power up you should use an ohm meter to check to make sure you do not have any shorts between the pins on the DB25 connector also check for shorts between the ESC wires that are soldered into the control board. try some of these and let us know how you make out.