Onboard Video Capture


I see that the best video seems to be coming from GOPRO devices mounted to the top of the ROV. I assume that there are some video losses required to obtain a sufficiently fast refresh rate despite bandwidth limitations for the surface operator to see a live feed. I assume these losses are either in down sampling the resolution or in the compression codec.

Has anyone thought about the logistics of splitting the video stream?

1. Onboard capture to memory card with optimal resolution etc..

2. Lossy compression etc.. sent to surface for operator


Right now there are no bandwidth limitations going to the surface- we have plenty to spare. Sometimes the choice of laptop or browser affects the frame rate of the video.

The resolution of the current camera is a known issue, but we've been too busy fixing other things to attack it yet. There are basically two paths to try:

1.) See if the MJPEG codec we're using can be set to a higher bit rate, and evaluate whether that improves the video quality. This would be an easy project for somebody who wants to get started with the OROV software on the BeagleBone.

2.) If #1 doesn't work, replace the current camera with a much higher-quality (and consequently higher-price) camera. I might do some work on this in November, but if anyone else wants to tackle it as well, the effort would be welcomed.



I'm also trying to use a GoPro hero 3 and haveing some problems getting this to stream. Can you point me to a link, or give me some information to get started?

thank you!


No that they have posted the lake Tahoe onboard footage I see that the video is very good quality.