On webserver add page to view real-time trends of several sensors on board



I created a folder within the cloud9 work agiungere webserver in an html page you see me in real time of the quantities of interest by telemetry . But I did not understand why the inserted html page can not I see . Should I put the html page in a specific folder ? you can add into dashborad the option to display the graphics ?
How do I identify the specific address of the new page ?

Below we report the starting code :

Start Updates


Sorry for the delayed reply. The page should be built and deployed like our other plugins. If you plugin is in the /src/plugins/myplugin folder:

Plain html files can be accessed in http://rovaddeess:8080/plugin/myplugin -> /myplugin/public

Is your page a plain html page? Node EJS template? Other?


Plot.html.txt (2.2 KB)
good evening, thanks for your help. Then, the loaded file is the html page that I add. The idea is to give in to the “y variable code” a value of telemetry. For example, the depth …
Please let her could change the code to do this.