On board computer, and 6th sense capability?


Hello everyone,

I am new here, and I am in the process of building my first ROV using Ions hydrodynamic prototype. I have a huge interest in this project not just because I love building things, but because I can see it being usefull as a tool in my line of work (marine biologist).

I was thinking, it would be nice to be able to control the ROV while scuba diving along side it, and I remembered Of a TED talks on the sixth sense software, and I was thinking of finding a way to adapt the program to control the ROV.

If this could be done, a user would be able to command the ROV by using the camera and it would remove the use for the tether. Of course, this would require the ROV to be computerized and probably quite a handful more complications.

I am going to work on this project over the summer (if I could get my computer expert friends in on it), but I wanted to know what you guys thought about it.

Michael Friesen


Hi Michael:

That hydrodynamic design, which I call V1.0 must be builded from low density plastic (PE or PP), as it results quite heavy.

Im almost finished with a new lighter version. The "hull" building has been simplified and the parts number reduced.

As almost the whole buoyancy is provided by the E_Tube, which is ahead of the ROV, only two solutions are available: Adding weight ahead, or adding buoyancy astern.

Weights addition is never a good solution when dealing with submersibles. If the problem can be solved by buoyancy, its always a lot more safe, and, by the way, improves the payload capacity.

Hence, those hydrodynamic projects MUST be built from a plastics combination instead of whole acrylic, that is too heavy.

In a counter sense(weights), due to stability concerns, and following the new ROV2.6 philosophy, motors have been moved closer to the E_Tube (Improving static stability), but propellers have been kept in place(Improving manouverability) by means of standard prop shafts and couplings, which references will be provided together with the new plans.

About your "about software" question, Im sure a lot more qualified persons from this FORUM can give you better advices than me.

Kind regards