On board Battery - Lithium-ion a no go?


Lithium and water are not friends. What are the battery sources everybody uses on board their ROV instead?



and LiNiMnCo


Are there protections in place in case water were to enter the tube and make contact with a battery? I’m hesitant due to a possible chemical reaction.


Yes, There is a polyfuse in each battery tube. New lithium battery chemistry like LifePO4 and LiNiMnCo are much safer than the old Lithium-Ion types. Still, you should take precautions when handling.

Here is some info on the LiFePO4 cells.

Battery tube leaks are rare, but do happen occasionally. You can see in this post that the LiNiMnCo cells didn’t catch fire or explode when coming in contact with water.


Excellent, thank you!


lithium ion batteries are the better option than the lead batteries. They are lighter, and also have a long life.

But, There are many cases of explosion os lithium batteries.
Lithium batteries catches fire on overcharging, Sometimes while someone using it.

Is there any solution for this?
Because , Nowadays lithium batteries are used in maximum of the products.


LiFePO4 and LiNiMnCo battery chemistries are much safer than the old Lithium Ion or Lithium polymer types. They also have a lower energy density and longer lifespan. There is a lot of investment into new battery technology at the moment and these issues are gradually being resolved. A lot of manufactures use the old types, so there are still a lot of incidents with damaged batteries. If you want to avoid exploding batteries then use a safer battery chemistry, use precautions while handling them, monitor them charging and store them safely.


Yes, precautions must have to be taken while using lithium batteries.Nowadays products with lithium batteries are sfer to use because batteries are UL ceritified.

As an example,In eary years there are many casses of explolsion of hoverboard due to lithium batteries.
hoverboard amazon are selling new models of hoverboard with UL certified batteries.

But now hoveboard are safe to use.


yeah that’s right bro if the batteries are UL certified then there is no problem because that’s a garuntee that they won’t explode because they went through rigorous testing and all these hoverboard are made by some no name chinese companies that use cheap materials for the production of the hoverboards…you can’t trust them for your safety…NOT AT ALL BUDDY!!!


Hey. Why not go to online store to buy the batteries? Don’t try to make batteries yourselves. It is not safe. And if you want to buy a hoverboard, you should consider the price and quality. This will help you get the quality one. Checking how much does a hoverboard cost to see the range of price and safety, and quality, but it is not recommended to buy cheap ones.