Old OpenROV #119 Build or Scrap?


We were given an old openROV that had never had anyone even attempt to build it. I’ve been going through the inventory and most of it appears there however I’m wondering if it is worth building as is or what I should upgrade.

I was thinking to upgrade these:

  • New battery tubes
  • New acrylic tube
  • Upgrade prop

However I also noticed it is not using the Beaglebone Black and the arduino board appears different as well as the 2 wire LAN setup is not using the Tenda P200 setup. Is this rover’s electronics just too outdated to bother with? Any opinions? How do I tell what Version # it is?



Hi Eric:

Your ROV is probably a Kickstarter unit, a revision 2.3. The 2.3 and 2.4 units use a BeagleBone White and have a blue acrylic outer shell. The 2.3 (Kickstarter) units did not have Tenda homeplug adapters, they used a 10 Mbps Ethernet balun instead to send Ethernet over a 2-wire tether.

At this point, your unit is practically a museum piece. While you might want to build it for nostalgia purposes, if you’re looking for a working ROV I would get myself a current OROV 2.8 instead.


Thanks for the info. You’re right about the electronics package. We’re a non-profit with a very small budget. We were donated a 2.6 and this older 2.3. Would this 2.3 be worth building to demonstrate for kids or is it just too slow with 10Mbps?


Hey Eric! My name is Brian and I work on the support team here at OpenROV. I am going to reach out directly through email about how we might be able to help you out. You should receive an email from support@openrov.com shortly.