Oh dear, lost a prop. OROV 2.8 Where to get replacements in UK?


Just trying the first dive of the year and couldn’t understand why it kept going round in circles!

It went through some very fine weed and so I gave it a reverse blast on full power, the prop must have spun off, despite having a nyloc locking nut on the shaft.

Any idea where I can get a replacement in the UK? I’m sure they weren’t made especially for the ROV, must have been for a model boat or something. Anyone got any specs?



You will find the propellers listed in the OROV Bill of Materials (BOM) here.

Unfortunately the propellers have M4 threads and the motors have M3 threads as stated in the BOM.




I think you have to buy it from OpenRov store

They are custom build by Graupner for the OpenRov

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Thank you erhanse. That’s very helpful, although if I buy a set I will have 2 spares that I don’t need!
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Hey thanks TC. They have them at Cornwall model boats with an M5 thread so I should be able to make some inserts on the lathe, I have some M3 threaded sleeves. Any ideas for a better way of locking the prop onto the shaft? (they already had locknuts but that didn’t stop it coming off. Does Loctite work in seawater?



I use Loctite 243 on the ss screw threads on my BR2 and it seems to work well in both seawater and pool water.



Thanks, that’s good to know.


Thanks to everyone for their advice. I managed to get spare props from Cornwall Model Boats and have made some inserts to reduce them from M4 to M3. They are now fitted and I’m going to try them tomorrow.

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