Office Hours Recap


A video recap of the Office Hour questions and answers. It was a great discussion! Thanks for the questions!


I think I have the hangouts figured out. Hopefully I can join next time.


Sounds good! I always send invites to everyone who'd RSVPed, so as long as you do that, you'll be good.

Hope we sufficiently answered your questions!


You guys are awesome and answered all my questions. I realized that my questions were not technical and hope that was okay. Looking forward to the next hangout and have some more questions when you do a question hangout again.



Excellent. Thank you all! Sorry I missed another call. I blame Siri...

1. Yes, I was wondering about the resolution needed for CTDs of real use.

2. Didn't think so, however, we have a smaller table size, 20x12, hopefully this will be easy to mod. I'll look out for the ellipsoid issue with the dxfs.

3.Vision system. I'm interested in the camera as well, lol. Eric, I completely agree. Thank you for the talk. I will be implementing a system in the next few months, using ROS and OpenCV. However, the embedded systems are not beefy enough, thanks for the talk. The web stuff is also of great interest, thanks. Gesture recognition and ROV control...thanks fantastic.

4. Very interesting. Definitely will.

5. The props post was great.

6. An OpenROV AUV is definitely on the radar. I'd love to see it come to fruition.

7. Didn't know that about UV lighting. I was thinking about using it for more CV work for recognition tasks. Tracking a

8. Wow, 14 wrecks, I'll continue to look into it.

9. Thanks for the info for publications, I really appreciate it.

One question I forgot...What about the Dolphin - OpenROV interaction project? That really piqued my interest.