OFFICE HOURS: Getting Started with OpenROV


Interested in getting involved with OpenROV? Not sure how to contribute? Curious if the kit is right for you? A step of the developme

Whatever your question is, we want to talk about it. Instead of the normal development call, we're going to organize the full hour around your questions.

Bring it on!

If there is something you've been curious about, this is a great forum to discuss it. Join us for the G+ Hangout on Friday, July 5th 12pm PST. Or feel free to leave a question in the comments and we'll go over it on Friday.


A few: (I am sure there are answers in the forum for many of these, but time is short)

1. CTDs and how to make them (I believe a high fidelity CTD can be built under 500 USD)

2. Building an OpenROV with a laser cutter. I've seen the files, how difficult is it?

3. Vision systems (classifier systems for marine identification/data logging)

4. Water sampling (I've read the posts and am ready to build one)

5. A full scientific suite. What should constitute an integrated scientific payload that the marine science community desires?

6. Fine grain motor control. I've built one for my ROV that runs ROS and controls velocity given the decimal readings from a given joystick axis(multiple axis readings possible). I think OpenROV would benefit greatly from finer motor control as well.

7. A Hybrid OpenROV? Has anyone looked into building in some autonomy?

8. Navigation. Sonar, GPS with a tethered transmitter via the umbilical? dead reckoning? What's been investigated and what looks like a good fit?

9. Ultraviolet lighting?

10. What wrecks around the bay (relatively shallow depth) would be good targets for OpenROV or other ROVs to investigate as an application domain project?

11. Publication restrictions/requirements/thoughts.I have a few research projects I'm considering. What is OpenROVs stance on using the platform for possible publishable works?


These are great questions Jim. Thanks!


Hi there! I'm having difficulty accessing the Google Hangout via the link. Does my request for an invite need to be approved? Anywho, I'll just introduce myself here: I'm an Industrial Design/Product Design student from Georgia Tech and was lucky enough to snag an internship in the bay area for the summer. I'll be around until mid august and would love to meet up with y'all and see if there's any way I can volunteer my skillset to help out. I've been dying to make a OpenROV of my own, but would prefer to source and lasercut the necessary parts on my own (more fun for me!) and would love some guidance on how to navigate the bay maker spaces. Also, I have a couple ideas on computer interfaces for robotic arm manipulators if you guys are interested in pursuing that as an add-on in the future.


Yeah, I'm not having any luck with it either. There si typically an invite sent out but I didn't receive one for this hang out, lol. Oh well. Next time! I'll follow up with my questions/comments when the video is posted.

Greetings Leslie, hope you have a good time in the bay area, it's a blast. As for maker spaces, there are a few. TechShop, Hacker Dojo, and Robot Garden, to name a few, are in the area.


Hey y'all!

Sorry you didn't get the invites! I sent them to everyone who was RSVPed.

The full video is here:

And Leslie, YES! Please stop by. It'd be great to meet you and hear more about what you're working on. We basically have open houses every Friday afternoon, if you're ever in Berkeley...


Thanks Jim, glad to be here! I'll look into those places you mentioned. And David, I'll definitely make my way to Berkeley to visit! Could you please send me the address and hours?


We're at:

614 Bancroft Way

Berkeley, CA 94710

Friday afternoons are best!