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I'm new to this community, but learning fast. I wanted to put forth an offer...

I just bought a boat, and intend to use it for launching ROV's and AUV's in the ocean. It is perfectly suited for such scientific pursuits with a water-level rear deck, and a stable 53-foot seagoing vessel. She's berthed in Half Moon Bay,which is pretty close to Silicon Valley, and I'm a software engineer turned robotics enthusiast...

Ping me if you're interested in dropping your OpenROV into the ocean.

Glenn Reid




Welcome! And great to have you here!

Looking forward to meeting and, hopefully, going out on the water sometime soon!



Agreed- this sounds AWESOME!



Still some work to do to make her ready to launch ROV's, but here are some pics:


Is there any kind of geographic list of OpenROV people and where they are? It would be cool to see everybody as a pin on a Google Map.


Hi Glenn, nice looking boat you have there. Looks like you have plenty of work in front of you getting her ready. We have just ordered our kit, still in transit at the moment, but should arrive this Monday coming. Unfortunately I procrastinated placing the order, due to an apparently unfounded belief that my wife would be less enthusiastic than I about taking on another project ;). As such I ordered a bit late to have the kit arrive in its entirety for our planned Easter trip on a bareboat charter in the Whitsunday Islands.

Therefore, we will be arriving at your home in a week or so to take you up on your offer of a trip out, and we will have to toss your rov over to have some fun, would you like us to bring anything? food, beverages etc?

Kidding of course, however, if you find yourself in North East Australia at any time feel free to pop in and have a chat. Who knows, we might have even finished building our other project by then, a 40ft composite cruising catamaran that we are building from scratch, and would be happy to take you out on a trip to the barrier reef to plonk in a rov or two.



Craig, that sounds great -- I will be stopping by soon for a cruise on your catamaran. Actually, Australia and NZ are at the top of my list of must-visit places so I may not be kidding. Cheers! GlennR


Hey Glenn,

Come on down to the Monterey Bay sometime if you want to explore the kelp with ROVs!