Observation of running ROV on bench


I used 150 ft. of CAT 5 cable, 4 pair, for my tether. I know we only need 1 pair but I have lots of it in the shop. I hooked the OpenROV network cable into my LinkSys 10/100 Switch and it connects at 100 MHZ. While running the motors the network sometimes get dropped and I loose control of the motors and video. Looking at the tether discussion I see the network speed should really be 10 MHZ. I am still running the system on the bench with a lab power supply set to 12 volts with lots of current. I am wondering if the BeagleBone code should be changed to only setup the network connection at 10 MHZ when it connects. I don't know how to limit the Linksys switch to 10 MHZ since it automatically connects.

I also at first thought my lights would not work. I was using the + and - keys on the number pad. They work fine once I tried the + and - keys by the backspace key.

Using the keyboard controls for the motors seems to be either on or off.

If I had a joystick on the computer would I have speed control for the motors which would be desirable? It would be nice to be able to move slowly.