O-ring loose


Finally I am completing to build my rov.

I mounted two o-ring on cups of cilinder, but when I insert cup it slips into with no force, o-ring seem too little. I think it not seal anything. Where is the issue ?

Happy Easter at all


Hey Saverio,
This happens sometimes. Please email me: david@openrov.com and I'll get you a new set of end caps.



I received new set of caps, but they are equal to the old. The o-rings seem a little more large maybe. When I fix the tube at frame with long o-rings they slip between caps and tube, and cap slip out. I think it is not good for sealing. Have you any suggest ?

Sorry, another question: I left a little hole where is a syringe top, and the epoxy is arount only.

I need close that hole before dive ? How ?

It need remain open ?

Thank's, bye


The standard Oring has a wire diameter of 5.33 mm. I replaced it with 6 mm wire oring.

Now the cap is well sealed.

I hope my experience could be usefull.




Could you please tell me what diameter O ring you bought in the 6mm ? I would like to try them.


I bought oring wire, cut it on measure, and glue the ends with cianoacrylate.