O-ring handling


Hello, can i let everything mounted together (o-rings , endkappe e.g.) if i don’t Use my rov or should i dismount everything ?


I don’t dismantle the main tube. The batteries need to come out after each dive so they can be recharged. I don’t put them back in until I am ready to transport the ROV. I don’t open the main tube unless I need to reload the software. In fact I try to seal it when it is dry (low humidity) and then keep it closed. This prevents fogging in cold water.



All good tips Chris! Also it is a good idea to keep the o-ring gland as clean as possible as well as cleaning/replacing the o-rings from time to time. Use a no-ISO acrylic cleaner to do this. I like to polish the inside of the tube where the o-ring seal takes place as well. Placing a dessicant inside the tube coupled with a cleaning routine will lead to a better overall dive experience for the pilot.