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As I am nearing the purchase of my kit, can anyone be so good as to give me an idea as to what is not included in the kit that I will require to operate my ROV? Off the top of my head I am thinking about a controller, etc.

Sorry for the newbie questions but I am starting at square one with this endeavor and will have a fairly steep learning curve.

Thanks in advance for your input!



I got a Logitech F310 Controller for mine and it works perfectly with the new Release Candidate 3 (RC3) and Google Chrome for the browser.

Pretty much everything else is included with the kit, minus tools, glue and stuff like that.

The only other thing I'm working on right now is a reel for the cable. I'm trying to make it as "off the shelf" as I can, so I'll let you know what I come up with.

What other items were you thinking of?


Take a gander at Step 1 and Step 2 in the Assembly Guide. Documentation tab, Assembly Guide (V2.6) does a great job of listing what you'll need to have on hand and what you'll need to order.


Thanks Kevin. There are so many ways to go with the tether reel but I like your idea of staying off the shelf and not over engineering it.

As far as things that I was considering missing...everything topside. I definitely want to devise some sort of containment system for the controller, laptop, etc. Perhaps a Pelican case with a customized interior. Let me know how the cable management thing comes out. Good luck!



Hey Phil,
All the not included items are listed here:

Controller is another item that is nice to have. We like the Logitech F310


I've been trying a few different kite reels, but none have worked very well. One of our interns, Patrick, has been working on a new design.

As always, design ideas welcome!


Here is a quick model I threw together. It's rough, but to dimensions of the parts. It's a pelican case 1560 model. 10" video monitor with sun shade, Reel for 100ft of cable length, controller slot, and laptop storage. Let me know what you guys think. Again it is as rough, cobbled together sketch, but to the dimensions. Also there is a hole that is plugged next to the spool for your cable to spool out from.

The laptop dimensions used is that of a MacBook Pro 15" (2014 Model)

Pelican 1560 Case

10" Video Monitor w/ Sun Shade

100ft cable spool. (Made it slightly larger to accommodate more)

Logitech controller found in forum. (Can't remember exact model)

I have included two versions of the pelican case. One with the roll stand and one without.