Not compatible with Great Whites

Had trip to Isla Guadalupe. Sadly sporting an unscheduled punctured eardrum, hence Trident to the rescue!

Tether got severed on day one, scoring nice body bite marks and loss of bumpers. I re-soldered (yay, only two strands!) and flipped tether around and… it got severed again on day two (duh). That time however, out of recovery reach and off in the R.I.P. current poor Trident went. Maybe one day a local beach comber retrieves it…

A return home or wifi function when surfacing sans tether would have been nice. We were not allowed to deploy a recovery dingy (also, perhaps not brightest idea with those massive curious fish around…)

The sharks sure were interested in it, to the cage divers’ entertainment :wink:
But yeah, do not attempt and do try to keep the oceans clean. Me failed.

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