Node.js Under Water


The New York City Node JS Meetup asked me to speak about OpenROV. About 80 developers attended. The talk was scheduled for five minutes, but it ran for seventeen due to questions from the audience. OpenROV attracts interest! Slides & video: Node.js Under Water


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Carsten: Thanks for letting me know. The post now has the correct link.


In the IT community, I am hearing rumors that node.js is becoming outdated and over-hyped. I see the big projects are switching from node.js to better alternatives. They have put so much effort and money to rewrite many years of work.


Michael: LOL... everything in the IT community is outdated and over-hyped, and rumors are everywhere!! The noise gets distracting sometimes.

As makers, it is important for us to focus on what works. Node.js and work very well for OpenROV. If makers re-make every time a new technology gets hyped, we will always be tinkering on "the next thing" and we will never produce a working product.

A few examples:

  • Many successful businesses (especially banks and insurance companies) still use software written in COBOL, a language from the 1960s.

  • Cutting edge computer scientists still use math libraries written in FORTRAN because the old code has been thoroughly tested over time, and it runs _fast_.

Bottom line: Every technology becomes targeted by rumor and hype over time. The best way to filter out the noise is to focus on what works.


I am not telling to change what is working well, I just noticed that the "big dogs" have put considerable effort to stay away from node.js. There some benchmarks available. For example, they report that their software works 50 times faster with Golang and consumes 10 times less memory. These are HUGE numbers not seen very often. :) Actually, this is the first time in my life I see such improvement. Maybe it is not the case for OpenROV as it is not CPU intensive, but some projects realized that node.js significantly limits their future possibilities and this is why they changed it.