No Voltage to ECS



I don’t know if something had happen to my OPENROV board, but all of the sudden the motors and ECS are not getting any voltage. Last week, when I put together all electronic components, it was working fine. Do I need to reprogram the ECS? What can I do to diagnose whether I need a new OPENROV board?


Do the Lights work?

Does the servo work?

Does the Lasers work?

Are you powering up the ROV with the tether connected?

Do you have +12V across the large Red & Black wires on the ESC? or try disconnecting all the connectors and servo from the control board and see if you can program one of the esc's, if you can then you must have +12V going to the ESC's. might as well check the other two esc's for correct programing.

I then would suspect that the Arduino may need to be uploaded again.