No video feed (only still image) on OpenROV 2.5b


Hi there everybody,

Last week I build my OpenRov and drove it around the pool for a test. Thrusters, Camera mount, and LEDs work like expected but I cannot get a video stream from the camera.

The cockpit shows a still image that does not change. I can take pictures, and view them, but I cannot get a video stream. I'm running OpenROV-2.5-05.

Did I miss something obvious?



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Nothing super obvious comes to mind for me...

I also haven't heard of this type of problem happening before. I'll let you know if anything comes to mind or if I hear of other people encountering the same issue. Sorry I can't think of anything more useful at the moment.




thanks. And ... doh! It's a Firefox problem. Works with Safari. Same problem with Firefox on Android. Works with Safari on iPad. Haven't tested Windows.

cheers, Axel


Ahhh- I thought you were using Chrome. Definitely try Chrome if you haven't yet. That works the best for us.

Best of luck!