No rechargeable battery(pile in French) instead of rechargeable ones?



Could I use non rechargeable battery (pile in French), Duracel for example, instead of rechargeable ones as there are in the "normal Kit 2.8 ?

In the affirmative, what would be the duration of life ?


Non-rechargeable batteries of a size similar to the rechargeable batteries are only going to be around 1.5 vdc instead of 3.6 vdc unless you can find non-rechargeable batteries with the same voltage and a similar size. This will result in only having around 4.5 vdc and not 10.8 vdc available from each battery tube which will not be sufficient voltage to power the Controller Board.


I would also be concerned that the maximum current draw available from non rechargeable batteries. It is often less that rechargeable. An alkaline cell of 1.5v typically has roughly the same amp-hour capacity as say a NiHM cell but a higher internal resistance and is only capable of putting out something like 50 to 100 mill-amp continuous where a NiMH cell might be capable of several amps continuous. Batteries are often rated as nnC (ex. 10C) where the 10 is the multiplier over the amp hour rating you can draw continuously. You might get say an 10,000mAh cell with a 10C rating mean it will supply 10Amps for 60 minutes or 100Amps for 6 minutes. You would need to test your configuration.