No PWM output from board



We recently purchased an open ROV dev kit and are having problems with it. We are able to connect to the system fine and get video out, but we don’t get a voltage reading in cockpit and neither the motors nor servos will run. we have tried updating the open rov control board firmware and get an error when it is about 3/4 of the way done, but it seems to finish ok. There is no motor PWM output and when I plugged a servo into the tilt port i got no response. I’m not sure what the problem is but i would guess it has to do with the control board firmware.

thanks for the help in advance, Kyle


What are the LED lights on the controller board doing?
What is the error message when uploading the firmware?
Which version are you building?


I have a similar issue as kyledavis905. When viewing the cockpit with a web browser, I am able to get video in the cockpit but motor, LED, laser control are not functioning (pressing any key from the browser does not change the state) Also using the slider for motor control does not make the motor react / move. These controls were functioning previously during testing, but not anymore.

My controller board LED’s are: TPWR-SolidGreen HP-FlashOrange ETH-SolidOrange PWR-SolidGreen, and not other LED’s are on on that row. I’m a bit lost in trying to figure out where to start troubleshooting. I believe that it might be an issue with the controller board and not the BBB, as I have ethernet access to the cockpit. OpenRover#871


Hi @Yen_Choi, what version of the Kit are you building? 2.6?

Are you getting telemetry on the right hand side of the cockpit? If so that means at least the controllerboard is talking to the beaglebone. It might be that the beaglebone software and the firmware on the controlerboard are out of sync. Have you gone to the settings tab and uploaded the firmware?