No power up through tether wires




I’ve just build my first ROV V2.6 and got it up and running. The problem I have though is, that it only turns on, when I connect the J12 port with a jumper. If the jumper is connected, everything seems to be working fine. If the jumper is not used, the board does not power on at all.

The power and ethernet connection on the topside adapter are both lit. However, when I checked the output of the topside box to the tether cable I get 0 V (not 5V, as it is supposed to be).

If I connect the tether cable directly to a 5V power source the ROV turns on right away.

Could it be that I have got a faulty topside adapter? I am a little confused, because the adapter seems to be working fine once a jumper is used on J12.

Thanks for any help I can get.


Yea, if your not measuring the 5V from the topside with it powered up, a bad topside board is a good guess. I’d go ahead and contact support about a replacement.

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