No Power Up after Initial Assemby - Video Link


Hello Friends,

I am desperate for help and I hope someone can assist me. Last weekend I assembled my OpenROV but I cannot get it to power up.

I tried the following suggested trouble shooting suggestions:

  1. Check your batteries make sure they are charged and having good contact with one another.
    [10.17 VDC on each tube, check on batteries and on the DB-25]

  2. Disassemble and reassemble your controller board (taking off beagle bone and homeplug and ethernet jumper) making sure they are plugged in.
    [I disassembled and reassembled as suggested]

  3. Make sure tether wires are in the topside box securely.[confirmed topside tether connections as suggested]

I also did the following as described in the link:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I AM MISSING SOMETHING!! I am under a deadline for my underwater racing event.

ROV Serial Number: 1762
Type of Issue: Power Up Problem
Issue Description: I have everything assembled, when I plug the DB25 cable
in I see the lasers flash briefly then nothing else happens. I did try
plugging a USB cable into the Beagle board and I was able to get the Pilot
website to open but I could only see the camera, not other functions were
working. I have an event underwater racing event on March 13 - .
Was your ROV pre-assembled?: No



In the video you linked, I see that you don’t have a USB cable hooked to your topside box. This is necessary both to power the topside box and to turn the ROV on. See Dozuki guide #6 for OROV 2.7, step 17.



That was it, I feel pretty dumb. Thanks for your help, powered up immediately. Going back to READ the instructions and move onto the next step. Thanks!!


After getting excited about seeing lights and ESC’s activating I don’t have any keyboard controls in OpenPilot. The lasers are on but the LEDS seem to be indicating a problem?? Also the camera is now up side down?? Here is a link

Thanks a million for your quick help,