No Motor Data on Cockpit



I have the latest from the github, I have successfully uploaded the latest software to the cape. I am using a white and Chrome for the cockpit. And with just one motor connected I do not see any indication on the Cockpit that a motor is connected so I cannot send any commands to it or calibrate it. Even with two motors on I can't see that any motors are connected.

Everything on the cockpit appears to be there besides this, I see the voltage, CPU, temp, and my depth seems to be constantly changing for some reason.

Any known issues for not seeing motors connected that I should know about?

Any help is greatly appreciated!



I would really appreciate any help on this. I had it saying that 1 motor was connected at one point and now it does not acknowledge that it is connected, makes it kind of tough to calibrate and to test.


I have only ever seen mtrAtt to show 1 motor even with all 4 attached and working

When you look at the data do you see mtrs & mtarg showing numbers higher or lower then 1500.

When you use the keyboard or the X-box joystick the numbers will go up or down even if the motors are not connected. This should give you an idea if the software is working. All so the diagnostic page should be able to control the motors.

See attached examples


1283-openrovcockpitpic1.jpg (280 KB) 1284-openrovcockpitpic2.jpg (206 KB)



I don't even see mtrAtt on my cockpit or mtarg: