No Motor Connections Shown



Maybe this is more of an electronics issue than a software issue:

I have my ESC hooked up to 12 V and then hooked up to my motor and then plugged into Slot A. I start the OpenROV software and go to the cockpit and it doesn't show that a motor is connected. Moving it to Slot B, C, or D doesn't make a difference, having two motors plugged in doesn't change anything either.

Anyone have any ideas why I cannot see that I have motors connected from the Cockpit and therefore cannot calibrate or control them? When I turn the switch on it still doesn't show any motors connected (and I do refresh or restart the software with every change just to make sure), but the motors start running continuously because they haven't been calibrated yet.

I have the latest software from github, and I used Stefans method for uploading it to the arduino (doing it through sshing into the board and building it then uploading it). Whenever I attempt to upload the code from the cockpit into the arduino it hangs on scanning dependencies of src.

Any thoughts? Please help.