No lights showing on topside


after connecting trident to topside, i am not showing any status lights on TOPSIDE, which is preventing me to connect my device to trident. this is the second time i am trying to operate, it worked fine the first time


i was able to enable lights, still having connection issues to my android device (samsung galaxy 9 plus)


Hi @joecrackalack - The first two things to check would be 1) that the tether connector is firmly tightened both on the ROV and on the topside, and 2) that the battery on the ROV is charged. If you’re still having troubles after checking those things, I’d suggest emailing and they can help you troubleshoot further. Other types of failures that could cause this to happen are rare, and we’re very interested to learn of any other items that should be examined more closely in our outgoing QA process. Please let us know how it turns out!


After rebooting, charging and reattaching cables, all systems are a go. Thanks for your help or my lack of attention to detail. :+1:t3:


I’ve seen this as well. If I tweak the ROV side connector, the topside lights up. I think there is an issue with the pins, perhaps they recede over time or junk gets in there…good to keep an eye on.



Mine did this as well, I found out why!
The top side buoy is not as waterproof as it is meant to be and has filled up with water.
Used the trident for the first time today, all connections were tight.