No idea on the new code


Recently I downloaded the new image 31.0.0 and everything went on well with the 2.8.
As in the past, I am planning the adjust the PID parameters of autopilot in the arduino code but I found that the new image is largely different from the 30.0.4. I have no idea about the outline of the code and have struggled to look for the function that I can adjust the PID paremeters.
Any suggestions for finding the right path way of adjusting the PID parameters ?


I have a problem with the autopilot too, because I don’t understand have does it work.
can you help me?
When I press the M Keyboard to hold the head, my rov keeps on turning around and losing control at all!! It is impossible to pilot it and I have to wait a while before I can have the control on again. I can’t find a way to make it fly as I want.
Does anybody gives some tip on compass too? I mean, should I change from compass to gyro when I dive the rov and in which way?

Hope you can help me…