No control of lights, motors, lasers, servo etc. via browser



Hello :slight_smile:

I recently replaced the BBB and the home plug adapters on my OpenROV 2.7, this has fixed some issues as I can now connect the the cockpit and can get video from the ROV.

The problem is I am unable to control anything on the ROV, including motors, lights, lasers, servo etc. I know the keyboard is commanding the browser successfully because browser oriented tasks work such as changing thrust factor or toggling HUD. do you guys know where I might begin troubleshooting this issue? Some additional info that might be useful, the ROV is running version 30.0.2, the lasers are flashing on and off with a period of approx. half a sec. All three lights on homeplug adapter are on, the middle one blinking at about 5Hz. The BBB displays the correct oscillating pattern. Please see pictures for more details about the lights. I am very new to this so I would very much appreciate explicit instructions, with links to relevant guides when possible!

Thank you!!


Have you gone to settings to update firmware? If you updated software images you have to manually update the Arduino firmware to match.


The Ardunio Firmware is Step 15 and Step 16 of this guide.


Hi guys,

Thanks for your responses, they have been extremely useful. Here is an update to bring a bit of closure on this post:

The majority of problems have been fixed by replacing the BBB and the topside adapter, and also doing the firmware update - I can now control the thrusters and also get a picture.

However there seem to be little problems such as: toggling the lasers causes the light to go from high power mode to low power, but that is less of an issue and will look into it - if you have any further recommendations it would be appreciated.