No connection to the ROV Top side interface Board middle light does not glow!


Hello together, I bought my OPENROV 2.8 a few days ago.
After plug in the USB cable into the top side interface the middle light glow one second (orange) and then no more…. Plug in the USB-Cable (Top side interface Board) starts the BBB (Beagle Bone Black) on the ROV. I can hear the startsound and some small LEDs on the ROV (BBB and controller board) glow . Other blue, orange and green LEDs on the BBB glow and blink. After several minutes the LEDs (4 main LEDs on the camera modul) are flashing every second. But I can not realize a connection to the ROV!
We investigated or tried (results in brackets) :

  • several laptops with google chrome
  • several USB connections
  • battery voltage of all batteries (3,35V per cell !)
  • changed the tether wires
  • changed the home plug connectors (ROV vs. top side communicator)
  • measured the voltage on the DB-25 connector ( ~ 9,9 -10V green and orange wires!)
  • measured the voltage of the home plug connector between the BBB and OpenROV Controller Board (3,3V)
  • we read the forum and it was mentioned, that LED7 on the control Board should glow (amber) in case of communication , but LED7 does not glow on my controller Board.

How can we realize a connection to the ROV?
Is there any defect part? Which one is it?

Kind regards
Michael Stehle


Hi Michael,

welcome to OpenROV. It looks like the built works in general! Well done!

Just to make sure i have not missed anything, have you also connected the Ethernet plug to the computer?

So far you description matches the usual behavior of the ROV booting. The USB plug of the top box is solely used for energy supply and the communication runs via the extra Ethernet plug towards your computer. Make sure to attach both, and follow the guide to setting up the ROV so that you can access the ROV cockpit in the browser. [Operators Guide] ( (step 7 an 11)
(watch the right top box LED indicator saying "Ethernet Connect) .

All the best


Hi Lukas,

I often have trouble getting the connection established when building for the first time. The fix for me is usually to press the reset button on the topside and onboard reset buttons for 10 seconds each (first one, then quickly the other). LED6 and the topside leftmost LEDs will start flashing green, then find each other in a few minutes.

Are you getting LED6 green-solid and LED8 amber solid? If LED6 is solid green, then you have power to the controller board Tenda. If LED8 is green, then ethernet is detected. In this case, definitely try resetting the Tenda buttons.

If you aren’t even getting LED6 then you have a bigger problem
If you get LED6 but not LED8, then check your ethernet connections to make sure all are in tight.